Monday, April 30, 2012

Time for the Coalition to Look to the Future

A few days ago I was speaking at a Financial Literacy conference in Orlando. One of the most interesting contributions came from Chase Card Services - their research had found that "consumers are more optimistic and spending more". This where the President has taken the view that investment in growth rather than tackling the deficit is the priority, in stark contrast to "Austerity Britain".

So I am delighted that today Ed Randall has written this thought provoking piece for Liberal Left responding to the double dip recession,  as he points out:

 "It isn’t any longer good enough to complain that the Coalition was saddled with an almighty Labour mess. It was, but the Coalition government has to look – and be seen to look – to the future and not to the past. It isn’t any longer good enough to insist that the Coalition has no alternative but to insist on accelerated deficit reduction, and to go on treating ‘deficit reduction [as] the most urgent issue facing Britain"