Friday, June 29, 2007

The Gordon Brown definition of change.........what you do when you have run out of loo paper..... there's a thought, it's something we all talk about, desire, in our optimistic moments believe in, in our pessimistic moments, despair of. It is something we all look for when we are unhappy with the status quo, so like most of us I wondered about the Brown definition of change. In my house I have quite a few spare loo rolls, they all look the same, they all came out of the same packet, they all do the same job........and when I run out of one I replace it with a "different" one........I "change" it. Sorry about the metaphor, maybe some of you can come up with a better one (there's a challenge Laurence!).

So, Gordon chats about change and we all feel a sense of hope that it is possible. I listened to his and HRH Harriet's on Sunday and felt physically sick. Frankly there was so much they said I would agree with, support, understand..........but one has to ask.......where have you guys been for the last 10 years? You both, and all in the new cabinet, sold your souls for the mess of pottage which was your political future. So GORDON, if change is such an imperative please tell me how come you have colluded and been at the heart of all the decisions you now decide need changing? And also, we can all spout the rhetoric of families and tackling poverty and better education and housing.........but it has eventually to add up. My view is we should have a new campaign against the new Brown government.........YOU SAY THIS (for example immigrants should learn English) YOU DO THAT........(cut funding for teaching English as a second language)...........I think we could come up with quite a few examples?

So, let's see what, if anything really changes. And if he is looking for a few quick wins maybe he could start by listening to his military advisers and getting our troops out of Iraq, abandoning plans for ID cards and 90 day detention and restoring the 10p rate of income tax.........

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