Saturday, September 27, 2008

Before I go...........some good news for a change...updated

Whoops! Posted this before I finished.......

I haven't had much time to blog, look forward to a belated conference round up sometime this millennium........but having now returned from Labour Party Conference and a couple of days in Belfast a quick personal update.

On Wednesday I went with my mum to my sister's case conference. Before the meeting she was worrying about staying in the unit, she hated it, she found it frightening. But as we sat there nearly everyone in the room came up to tell us how special she was, how she looked after everyone, especially moving was hearing from a woman who never had any visitors. This is my lovely sister, who worries about not being clever enough, but puts us all in the shade with her loving, caring nature. Who is a constant reminder to me of what really matters.

So, we went into the case conference and Sarah asked if she could come home for dinner with us. She was told that she could come home on leave, with a view to being discharged next week. As you can imagine we were all in tears! This has been a difficult, exhausting few weeks for all of us, but hell on earth for Sarah.

I wanted to thank all those of you who have been so supportive to me through this. I have made contact with new friends and my resolve to make this a key campaigning issue has been strengthened. Thanks to those of you who have joined the Facebook group "Winning the Battle of the Mind" - I will be keeping in touch through this.

At conference I was pleased to be able to sum up on Norman Lamb's excellent motion, though I have to confess it was the most difficult speech I have ever made and I certainly had to fight back the tears on a couple of occasions. I know there are lots of campaigning groups out there, but I believe there is scope to try and establish a cross party activists campaigning group, for us all to campaign to ensure all our parties develop more enlightened and fair mental health policies. That has been made a good deal easier now in the Lib Dems!

Now off for a week on the beach, my first "proper" (as I see it!) holiday for 7 years with the adorable Martin (who has been kindly lent to me by Jimmy) and son Ravi and girlfriend. I am trying not to get too excited as I have to maintain my composure this morning for a speech at the Essex Lib Dem conference...........then off to recharge the batteries for what promises to be an exciting and action packed few months in the lead up to the European elections - watch this space!!!!


Deb Acle said...

Awwww. That's such good news! Well done for all your support - it isn't easy.

But I'm not at all surprised that it's been frightening for your sister. Loving and caring and loving and caring people do not matter to the NHS generally. If your sister's had reasonable treatment it's most likely it's because you and your family have demonstrated to the staff that she's precious and, of course, because the staff there have done what they could inspite of the abysmal way the NHS looks at mental ill-health.

I worry for the poor woman who gets no visitors....

Mark Pack said...

That's great to hear, and have a fab holiday.

drivenwide said...

The Labour Party was so impressed by Manchester's convention facilities, range of accommodation and ability to host a major event that it's decided to use the city as the location for its annual conference, once again.