Thursday, October 29, 2009

Battle of the Bloggers?

I am just home from being selected as PPC for the 'safe' Tory seat of Mid Beds and the prospect of a fairly boring contest against Ms Nadine the blogging Queen :-) (Joke Nadine, joke!). As I pointed out to my fellow members, following the extraordinary events of this year, there is no longer any such thing as a safe seat - so from my on girl, game on!

Chair of the selection committee Brian Golby began with a little anecdote about me when I was Unison Branch Secretary, a story I hadn't heard before. As a county councillor he had been on an appeals panel at which I had been representing members, apparently as I left the room one of the Tories muttered, "I'll be glad to see the back of that bloody woman" - in Brian's eyes that was an accolade! I reminded him that at that time the joke was that the union was the only effective opposition to the disastrous, worst performing county council in the country.

The Tories are peddling a myth of "real change" - er............when we have effectively had 30 years of Tory government. OK, the party may have changed, but the values never did. Frankly Tory "real change" should read same old same old. Not change, just a return to the dark days of Thatcher's Britain.

The people of Mid Beds deserve better, they deserve - and now have - a real choice. As Lib Dems we offer that choice. Real - same old same old - change...........or a genuine Fresh Start for Britain.

Watch this space :-)


Mark Reckons said...

Except that Nadine Dorries' "blog" is nothing of the sort. She doesn't allow comments so it's just an online diary.

She also blocks people on Twitter who disagree with her (see Sara Bedford's recent post on this) which you are probably already aware of.

Stephen Glenn said...

So as Mark points out may the best blogger win, clearly Nadine isn't that. :)

Congratulations on your selection Linda, just waiting to see about myself right now. But as you say everyone's idea of what is a safe seat is up in the air next year so game on.

Niklas said...

Congratulations on your selection! Nadine Dorries should be afraid, very afraid :)

Niklas said...

Regarding your new constituency, you may want to encourage them gently to update their website with the news of your selection:

The most recent news is from 9 January!

Linda Jack said...

Thanks all!

And yes Niklas, I will get on to that


Big Tall Tim said...

Congrats ons election.
Please let me know ASAP what contact details you want shown on local FOCUSs etc.
Let me know ASAP on both: