Saturday, February 27, 2010

Throwing newspapers........excusable due to pressures of being PM - throwing water bottles.......must be made an example of - 1 year in prison

I received the following today -

Seventeen people - all Muslim - have already been given extremely harsh and disproportionate custodial sentences to the alleged offence of violent disorder. Last week, a 19 year old aspiring to be a dentist, was sentenced to a year in prison for throwing a water bottle in the direction of the Israeli embassy. Despite the judge's admission that the young man had an excellent character and the bottle thrown did not hurt anyone, he wanted ‘to send a message of deterrent to the rest of the community'.

The court has also failed to take into account any evidence of police brutality - including beating up protesters and refusing to allow them to leave - and had used the controversial "kettling" technique.

The sentences - primarily targeted towards the Muslim community - will only serve to alienate and criminalise British Muslims, deterring them from engaging in their democratic right to protest.

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val said...

Of course the courts aren't going to pay attention to them, all they see are people who might have been involved with a devastating tragedy

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