Thursday, June 10, 2010

Simon Hughes election – reassuring the malcontents?

Well, I realise this may come as a bit of a surprise to some...............but I am delighted at the election of Simon Hughes as deputy leader. It is a bit like finding the corner of a threadbare blanket on a cold night. A glimmer of light in a in a dark room. Oops turn off melodrama (reluctantly).

Seriously, this is certainly reassuring for me – and I trust for others too. Simon is nothing if not true to his roots, he is not one to stand idly by and watch while the party he loves and has committed so much of his life to, gets swallowed up by the carnivorous Tories. So, I for one will sleep easier in my bed tonight.

Nick Clegg rightly paid tribute to him as the most hard working MP he knows. Not only that, I know that commitment to serve his fellow human beings extends far beyond his constituency. You only have to hint to him you have a problem and he will be on the case, asking for the paperwork and doing all he can to help you.

Simon will, I know, work tirelessly to ensure that we continue to function as one party. That we don't find ourselves drifting apart – the government elite, far too busy to be accountable to the party, and the activists, watching from the sidelines and wondering whether liberal democracy was just a childish dream.

For those of us who are still incredibly uncomfortable with the coalition we know that in Simon we have someone who will never be afraid to speak his mind, which may make the Tories a tad uncomfortable and I trust will be the perfect counterbalance to the 1922 committee :-)

His ability to challenge in a way that is effective without alienating, will, I trust, ensure that the bright flame of Liberal Democracy will continue to offer at least a little warmth and light in what by all accounts is likely to be a pretty bleak and cold summer for so many. Oh and I am sure, Simon is someone who cannot and will not, buy all this "we're all in this together" nonsense.

He will be an incredible asset to Nick, being able to challenge him in private and support him in public, offering wise and considered counsel.


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