Tuesday, November 06, 2012

I'm a Celebrity - So my Constituents can go Hang for a few Weeks....

The news that my infamous MP had hotfooted it to the jungle hit me between the bleary eyes at some point during the Today programme this morning. A few minutes later I had ITV Daybreak on the phone, asking if I could come on the programme to talk about it tomorrow - swiftly followed by the BBC and Sky. Unfortunately I had to tell them I am currently the PCC candidate for Bedfordshire, which meant they all dropped me like a hot potato. 

So, I am forced to resort to my blog. Of course the last time I resorted to my blog to take on Ms Dorries she contacted a dear friend and told him she was going to sue me. I confess my response was, bring it on. The fact is that she apparently lives under the misapprehension that she is "Teflon Woman" that nothing she says or does will have any consequence. She got away with lying to her constituents (admitting she pretended she was in the constituency when she was apparently in her "First Home" in the Cotswolds), and allegedly fiddling her expenses (apparently despite a police investigation the CPS didn't want to prosecute - Denis McShane come to mind?) oh and of course, Derek Conway may have paid the ultimate price for employing his children while they were students, but apparently that is OK for Ms Dorries.  

But maybe this latest escapade will turn out to be that step too far. She has upset her constituency party once again (I understand they weren't best pleased when she spoke about "killing" Cameron) and at last has forced the hand of the parliamentary party who have now withdrawn the whip. 

So, what would happen to you or me if we just decided, on a whim, to up and leave work for a week and let's say....swan off to Australia? Well, when I was in the army that would certainly have been considered going AWOL (Absent Without Leave) or desertion (once a capital offence). As an employee I would certainly have been on a disciplinary, and more than likely dismissed. But of course, when you are employed by 70,000 odd constituents.....it's not quite so easy to get dismissed - and even if you upset them all, you generally get a breathing space until the next election. 

Ms Dorries claims that she is doing this because she can reach millions of people with her message about 20 weeks.........I don't want to rain on your parade Nadine, but I suspect it was more to do with the alleged £40,000 fee? But, you could prove me wrong and donate it to a local charity. Maybe a foodbank? They are after all the fastest growing charity sector at the moment. And maybe I'm a bit old fashioned, but I thought the job of the MP was to reach out to their constituents - not half the known universe?

However, as a pal pointed out earlier this evening, you could see it as that she is only following in the footsteps of our erstwhile transported ancestors, but in this case, self sentencing herself!

I'm not usually too keen on 'I'm a Celebrity' but if the threatened Lib Dem phone bank comes off......we may be in for a treat in the Bushtucker Trials :-)


Daniel Carelli said...

Very true! But you know what, as much as I disagree with 99% of Nadine's views, I like for the simple reason that she pisses the Tory party off, and anyone who manages to constantly piss them off deserves to be applauded, especially if they are a conservative themselves! (maybe not for much longer now though lol)
but yeah I think nad does need psychiatric help... definitely, i don't think she's an evil hearted woman but I do think she's quite troubled mentally by certain actions that she takes... she doesn't seem to have much common sence either? Lol... Ah well! If she gets deselected, all I can say is one word... KARMA... As well as bringing this all on herself lol. The only thing that pisses me off about the Tory's is that they choose to suspend Nadine, who is an easy target, instead of suspending the likes of andrew mitchell and jeremy hunt! the hypocrisy is just ridiculous lol...:) :) :) anyway good read linda! hopefully ur next blog update will be a bit more frequent :D

Michael Beckett said...

I am not sure how "contained" Nadine has been by having the whip. It will be interesting to see if she remains as an independent Tory, what more she will give to Cameron that having the whip prevented her from doing? I think the local Tory Party will have a job managing their loose cannon of an MP and I think Nadine might choose not to give in but fight as an independent Tory?

Interesting times indeed, however I think AWOL is an apt description and I am left with two questions in regards to Nadine's behaviour, what next? (I am sure we will get more...) and how much longer can she continue?