Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hack's Crap

What is it about the press in this country that they think they have the right to make decisions on our future? Maybe I am naive, but there was a time when reporters reported. Now it seems they have the right to decide for themselves what is good for us............and clearly "good" equates in LibDem terms to "one of our own!!

So, I am just back from an enlightening night out with my two pet Tories. They are on a mission to persuade me to defect to their benches - without realising that given my background in military intelligence - I am on a mission too! But it was an enlightening few hours, and I am now booked for a half hour with that dapper Mr Letwin next this space!

It is very be continued..............

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Mix Myth said...

It isnt clear who you are speaking about here but why don't you post the urls for the articles that so offend you.

The press not only reports, it also comments to add weight to those reports. If the comment appears in a report you have a good case but if it just on the comment page that's all part of having a free press, something I thought the Lib Dems supported!