Friday, April 21, 2006


There’s something about a leadership election that gets the adrenalin going…………isn’t there? The problem is, when its all done it’s a bit deflating isn’t it? Well…………truth to say…………completely deflating! Hence my silence, what’s left to say?

My disappointment at my chosen candidate losing has been replaced by total despair at the incumbent. We all knew Ming would be a caretaker………….but I for one didn’t think that would mean hiding himself in the cleaning cupboard never to be heard of again!

Sorry, a bit harsh maybe, but really………..I am the only one who longs for the dulcet tones of Charles in the cut and thrust of the Today programme, who dreams about the days when his confidence and humour ensured our policies were kept in the public eye? Now don’t get me wrong, I certainly believed we would need a new leader for the next general election, but not yet and certainly not in the manner we got one. Remember all that talk about coronation? For those of us who believe we are members not subjects we ended up with the same result. Whilst Ming was never my first choice, I was prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt – I liked what he said about social justice and tackling poverty – I have always thought he was head and shoulders above anyone else on most aspects of foreign affairs – but now he seems to have retreated into a shadow of his former self.

I am sure I am not the only one who has been met on the doorstep this past few weeks with the reaction of the electorate to the issue. The manner of Charles’ despatch has not only left a nasty taste in our collective mouths, but also in the mouths of the wider electorate. So, not quite a case of come back Charles all is forgiven, but maybe more a plea for a leader to lead, to inspire, first of all the troops and secondly those we seek to serve – the electorate. This country of ours is crying out for real leadership, for policies which spring from a desire to tackle the real issues that affect people’s lives rather than the need to keep big funders in the private sector happy. So come on Ming, us foot soldiers are armed and ready for battle………don’t keep us sitting in the barracks much longer……we may be tempted to go awol!

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Mix Myth said...

Linda's press adviser would like to completely dissociate her from this blog, apart from the bits, there must be some in there, that were nice about Sir Menzies. He certainly wishes it to be known that he did not at any point advise her that writing this posting would be a good idea, nor was he ever consulted on the content of this posting, which some are already dubbing the shortest suicide note in history, and if he had been consulted he would undoubtedly have advised against it.