Monday, September 25, 2006

Reallylazyloosmuse – and why Simon is Right!

Guess its the post conference blues thats got me back to me blog............I know, probably the most occasional blogger known to man - or woman. Hey, but I have to confess to being one of the reprobates who left conference rather depressed at Ming's performance. It wasn't what he said........more the way that he said it.......and we all know "thats what gets results"! I don't agree at all with the criticism of Simon, I guess he is struggling with the same dilemma many of us do. Loyalty v Honesty. Frankly I prefer honesty in a climate where the electorate are sick to the back teeth of what they percieve as spin and deception in politics. So if I am honest.........I would award Ming 9 for content and 2 for performance. Maybe it's a lack of confidence but he has to get past all this needing to appear young. He is who he is - he must get comfortable in his skin rather than needing to surround himself with beautiful young women and faded 50 year old black and white pix of him as an athlete, this only serves to draw attention to his age rather than treat reference to it with the contempt it deserves. Nelson Mandella is a good role model. So what can he do to ensure his experience really is a plus and not a minus? Stop going on about it for a start - allow those talented front benchers he makes much of appointing to have their heads and get some real exposure in the media - repeat and repeat and repeat - as simply as possible what it is that distinguishes us from the other two tory parties - build the alliances necessary with those who share our values, to get our points across - don't get distracted with vacuous criticism. We have a real opportunity at the moment to take ground, frankly we need our “General” to have clear strategic objectives to inspire the confidence of his troops to see the battle as eminently winnable!

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