Thursday, October 12, 2006

NHS - Thats Notting Hill Set to Mr Cameron

Just back from an extended council meeting. For those of us who are fortunate enough to languish under the delights of an elected mayor, some might say, a frequently frustrating and verging on pointless exercise (OK I'm in cynical mode!) tonight was brightened by an imaginative timely motion from the Tories against the closure of Bedford Hospital - swiftly matched by a ridiculously facile and disengenuous Labour amendment, countered of course by the ultimate Lib Dem piece d'resistance! Mr Speaker......aka Cllr Andrew McConnell........aka Toryboy to me and my pals.........broke with convention and offered his own views on the threat to the hospital......he is waiting to see if he is to be reprimanded.......but it is good to see the Tories sticking up for the NHS. tho it has to be said, whether that is the National Health Service or the Notting Hill Set remains to be seen. What totally stuck in my gullet was the constant concern of the so called "independents" some of them members of their own "Better Bedford Party" and many erstwhile members of other parties, banging on about this not being about politics and political point do you think we got in this mess in the first place???! decisions made by this Labour government which ultimately will determine whether or not Bedford has its own hospital are NOT POLITICAL???? And to be frank, for those who dream about a world free from party politics, lets get real about the alternative.......a bunch of independents, all with different views, all there because they are wealthy enough (or have a wealthy enough patron) to fund their own election campaigns. Rant over.............

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