Sunday, October 01, 2006

Notsolazyloosmuze.....what's Campbell got that Cameron hasn't?

That David Cameron is a sweetheart - could eat him for breakfast.............but certainly wouldn't keep me going until lunch! A bit like a glass of champagne which is all bubbles tickling your nose and making you giggle, but get to the bottom and there is nothing there.

The criticism that Dave is all spin and no substance at last seems to be getting through to the electorate. Where's the beef? No policies just fluffy cuddly words and a nice quote a pal.........he's not all that and a bag of chips! The recent YouGov poll found that 54% of those polled think it is " hard to know what the Conservative Party stands for at the moment." Maybe we'll get a bit of an idea later this week????

So, with a discredited Labour Party, a Tory Party with little to say for itself except when it's stealing our clothes, what has our Ming got that their Dave hasn't? Returning to the food metaphor - it seems to me Dave has the Turkey Twizzler whilst Ming has not only the steak but the five portions of fruit and veg as well! The challenge for him and for us is to communicate that in a way that connects with the electorate. Whether we like it or not in our instant gratification, passive consumerist age, our messages must be communicated in bite size pieces. And it must be communicated in a way which engages and inspires. Here frankly is our biggest problem at the moment. We all know our party has sound well crafted policies, now we need our leader to communicate them effectively. I say this with a heavy heart, Ming was such a credit to our party on Foreign Affairs, he was a giant on Iraq, he was a great deputy, but that has not as yet translated into his leadership.

We may despise the shallow packaging of Cameron - but its colour and sparkle are what attract the attention. At a time when the British people are as cynical as they have ever been about politics and politicians we must at least get them to look at our product.

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