Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dreaming of David Blunkett

Strange but true! Yesterday morning I found myself dreaming about David Blunkett. Actually it was a familiar dream, repeated with a changing cast of Labour characters. But yesterday it was Mr B. We were stood on my back step, I was remonstrating with him about how little his party had done for young people. "I remember 1997" says I "Despite being a LIb Dem I really believed you would invest in our young people, I believed the mantra - tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime." Well, I continued, as is my want, banging on about how useless they had been, how youth services had continued to be decimated, how the gap between rich and poor had widened, how our education system had failed so many of our most vulnerable young people, how asbos were criminalising a whole generation................then I came to. I had dropped off whilst listening to Thought for the Day, as I roused I realised we were at the 10 past 8 slot.......Blunkett was putting in his ten penneth on gun crime. Heaven knows what he said, but at least some of it must have penetrated my unconscious....the worst thing was realising it was 20 past 8 and my car was parked outside in danger of the green peril (aka our local traffic wardens), at that point scrambling into my jeans and charging down the stairs became much more important than worrying about what Mr B had to say......

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