Thursday, September 06, 2007

This Beggars Belief!

There are lots of things that beggar belief.........but this takes the biscuit! I have just arrived at Belfast International Airport to discover that, not only are we still subjected to the indignity of tipping out our perfectly packed handbaggage to find our potentially explosive lipgloss, toothpaste, shampoo et al, but now we are being charged for the privilege. Little dispensers have been set up emblazened with signs saying "resealable bags - 4 for a pound" you don't get that sort of bargain in the pound shop!

As is my want I started my moaning with the nearest couple who would listen. They kindly gave me one of their reusable bags - and wouldn't hear of taking any money off me! So, having saved myself a pound I am now investing it in 20mins on the net, especially since my other candidate for "beggars belief" award is BT - yes, I finally got myself online at home, and what telephone line goes down. It has been nearly a week and all I get are irritating texts telling me the engineers are dealing with it. If I were a conspiracy theorist.......


Paul Walter said...

I sympathise Linda. I went and came in the airport on the east side of the city three times last year and was subject to similar controls - which I think are in place elsewhere. I remember having to decant off some contact lens solution and abandon a full bottle.

Mind you, I have always gained the impression from your outpourings that you are the type of lady who would certainly be familiar with explosive lip gloss!

Warning: That was an attempted joke. ;-)

Have a great stay in Belfast - it is wonderful. Try to get to the Crown and enjoy seventeen measures of Bush Mills' finest with a friend in one of those "snug" compartments - I know I did.

Linda Jack said...

Hi Paul

The problem I have is with always forgetting my lipgloss! I was on my way home, so now back in dear old Bedford, and unbelievably online at have been warned!