Saturday, February 28, 2009

Let's hear it for Billy Hayes!

This piece on the BBC website says it all. Gordon Brown, a LABOUR Prime Minister, crying crocodile tears over the predicament of Royal Mail and begging philanthropic venture capitalists to bail him out. SORRY?????????? When he can find BILLIONS for the PRIVATE SECTOR BANKS - he can't find the investment necessary to ensure a modern, responsive and competitive Royal Mail? He chats about losing 7-8% a year, doesn't he see the irony against the losses of RBS, to name but one? He chats about losing 7-8% a year, with no notion of the public service nature of the Royal Mail. ER.............last time I looked the police service were losing 100% per year. Social Services...........100% per year. Education...........100% per year. What percentage does the subsidy to the rail companies amount to? How much are they "losing"?

There is an acceptance in this country that if you want a universal service, be that postal, transport or in the past HAVE to subsidise it.

So, in my view Billy Hayes had it spot on "The Royal Bank of Scotland is on the verge of being nationalised and we've got the situation where they are suggesting Royal Mail should be privatised and flogged to a foreign multinational".

Peter Mandleson, he of frequent financial scandals, may fool some of the people some of the time, but on this he is certainly not going to fool all of the people all of the time. Let's hope this finally proves his undoing.

Peter.........Billy? I know who I think has this country's best interests at heart.


Anonymous said...

I think I can be fairly confident that neither a New Labour cabinet minister or a trade unionist dinosaur have the best interests of the British public at heart. Neither will put the public good before ideology.

Linda, are you sure you are in the right party?

Linda Jack said...

Dear Anonymous

Do you know I do get a bit fed up with people who criticise me but haven't got the guts to come out of the shadows and identify themselves! Is it because you are just too uncertain of your ground? YES I AM in the right party - last time I looked I was in a party that cared about justice and equity, that was committed to supporting public services, in particular to those most at risk and isolated, that was committed to keeping the cost of said public services to the minimum rather than handing them over to faceless multinational pirahnas, interested only in gobbling up every last vestage of the "family silver" and leaving us ordinary folk to pay thru the nose for the privilege. Any idea that they are doing it for the good of the public is patent nonsense. Anonymous - I suggest tis you who are in the wrong party!