Monday, March 02, 2009

Are you a voting rep? I need your help!

I like a challenge..........I also like a conference where we debate the really meaty issues, that we are not "dumbed down" to save anyone getting their noses pushed out of joint. Now, as those of you who know me know, I am not one to shirk difficult issues. So, I am hoping to submit an emergency motion on Royal Mail tomorrow. But I need your support. If you agree with the text below, want to give Brown a bloody nose and also happen to be a voting rep for conference - please email me ( with your membership number and local party. If you don't agree, no probs. Still look forward to seeing you at conference!

Royal Mail

Conference regrets that:

Gordon Brown has been able to find in the region of £1.3 trillion to bail out the private sector banks but is apparently unable to find the £1.5 billion necessary to invest in public sector Royal Mail.
The government is happy to subsidise private companies providing public services such as the rail companies, but unwilling to do the same for Royal Mail.

Conference notes that:

Almost 90% of the public oppose the privatisation of Royal Mail.
That other public services such as the police and social services are not expected to “break even” and are funded almost exclusively from the public purse.

Conference is concerned that:

· Even part privatisation will create a situation in which the private sector takes the profitable part of the operation and leaves the tax payer to take care of the rest
· The result of privatisation will be to create postal service black holes as the private sector cuts services to remote and areas that are difficult to access

Conference calls for:

The government to recognise the vital public service role of the Royal Mail and to invest at a level to enable it to operate effectively.
To ensure that there is a level playing field for Royal Mail and that legislation is reviewed in order to enable them to compete in a fair market, without one hand tied behind their back.

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