Thursday, March 12, 2009

Time to "occupy" the green benches!

I was a little disgusted by the Tories attempt to block the UK Youth Parliament from holding their annual conference within the hallowed halls. Fair enough to strut their stuff in the Lords, but let a load of YOUNG PEOPLE loose in the commons? Clearly totally out of keeping with respectable society.

Well, I for one welcome this idea. Having had some involvement with them, I always enjoyed the annual gatherings - what an encouragement to see so many young people excited and enthused about politics! And I well recall banging on about the fact that given parliament was in recess at the time it seemed a perfect opportunity to take over the green benches.

We all have a responsibility to promote democratic engagement in this country, if this can be enhanced by allowing our young people to convene in parliament........why should anyone object?.......unless of course they are scared witless......

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