Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nick Clegg - Our hero!!!

For the last 15 months or so my frustration has been that the nation has really not grasped the essence of Nick Clegg. He has been characterised as "Cameron Lite" - a bit like mistaking Handel for the Spice Girls. One speaks from a depth of conviction, a preparedness to stand by those convictions regardless of the consequences .........the other from the shallowness of expediency, popularism and the need to secure as many votes as possible, for the least amount of effort in the shortest amount of time. Clegg is prepared to nail his colours to the mast, however unpopular his position - Cameron on the other hand plays a cunning hand of poker - never revealing his hand, but somehow executing the exquisite bluff that leaves the unsuspecting believing he has actually said something!

So today I was delighted - at last - not before time - the nation is beginning to see what our man is made of, what many of us have always known - that we have a leader who will fight for what he believes in - popular or not. He has undeservedly had his light somewhat hidden under the remarkable "bushel" that is Vince Cable (!) but at no time has he shown the slightest irritation or pique. He has clearly demonstrated his underlying motivation - not for his own grandisement - rather of his undeniable commitment to the achievement of a truly liberal and just society. The motivation and commitment that leads Nick to champion the just cause of the Gurkhas will lead him to demonstrate what separates him from the shallowness of Cameron and the arrogant discordant disconnect of Brown (if Clegg is Handel and Cameron is the Spice Girls - maybe Brown is Stockhausen - (with apologies to Stockhausen fans!) admired by a few but unintelligible to most of us!)

Oh dear, this is sounding a tad to sycophantic - don't worry Nick/Tim/Matthew/Greg et al..........normal service will resume before you can say Jack Robinson.........or is that Linda Jack?!

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