Monday, April 06, 2009 fight?

Being a Lib Dem Trade Unionist is a bit like being a Trade Unionist Lib Dem......regarded with suspicion in all quarters! So today, having come from a union meeting at work (watch this space - we will be going for recognition at the FSA) I arrived home to an email from Derek Simpson and Tony Woodley asking me to sign a petition for jobs and pass it on to my pals - which I have done.

BUT.............Last week I read an interesting article in my Unite Activist newsletter written by a Labour MEP candidate. Hmmmmmmmmmmm thought I. I am a Unite activist. I am an MEP candidate. I am committed to protecting workers rights (unlike this present wolf in sheep's clothing Tory government). Maybe I can write an article in the newsletter? I have asked. The editor has no problem. But he has to run it past the political department..........he thinks they may have a problem. Yes, of course. The Labour Party are so committed to trade union values, their MPs will all sign that petition won't they? Er.......don't think so.

So, will they have a problem with publishing my article?

Who knows. But if they do........................