Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Night in the Life of Lindyloo - my vist to Bedford's Premier Gay and Lesbian Venue....the Crown

Well, tonight I was invited to visit Bedford's new premier gay and lesbian venue the Crown on Brittania Road (by Bedford Hospital). They are offering discounts for County Council, Borough Council, NHS and police staff, is it something about uniforms??? Sadly, I no longer qualify, having left Beds CC last year and stood down as Borough Councillor 2 weeks ago. But exhausted as I was, having just moved, it was an offer I couldn't refuse.

The pub (which in a former life it has to be said was a bit of a dive) has had a makeover. The slightly art decoish lighting was great............although it has to be said, the curtains.......did leave a little to be desired. Having just moved into a former care home, which still bears the signs of such .....flowery furniture, flowery curtains, flowery everything...........(plus glass windows in every door, just to make sure they know what you are up to).......the curtains in the Crown, er, sort of reminded me. I did make my views clear to Landlords Chris and Bradleigh, they reckoned that the vote was 50/50 of those what loved them and those what hated them!

It has to be said whether you are gay, lesbian or straight this is a place which immediately makes you feel welcome and safe and is somewhere I will certainly visit again soon.

There are already plans afoot to have the biggest TV screen in Bedfordshire for the Eurovision Song Contest in May..........sadly I will be off gallivanting in Barrow with my army chums for a reunion and "bonding session" that weekend, what a pity!

So now I have popped in to pal Andrew's, who recognising my chronic blogging withdrawal symptoms kindly offered me the use of his laptop....also providing me with his customary late night supper, which it has to be said sometimes go on to the wee small hours!


Anonymous said...

Hey Linda I had heard that the Crown was a good place to go out in Bedford, thanks for the review, I will go visit it sometime soon.

Is it typical gay?

Linda Jack said...

Hi anonymous

Sorry for the delay, I am still webless! I am not sure if you could say it was typically gay - but then not sure where is?! Chris and Bradleigh certainly are very welcoming and clearly committed to making it a place for everyone - so do visit soon!