Thursday, April 19, 2007

Serious withdrawal symptoms........FPC and men in white tights

I have to say I am suffering from the same kind of feeling I had when I moved to Disley (in Cheshire) from the great metropolis that is with one's PC still lying on its back in its box..........what's the point of getting it out with no internet access?.........Feeling detached, what is going on out there in the big bad blogging world that I don't know about? I have to confess, I have always been far too nosy to be content with a reclusive life. I've even taken to watching the odd bit of telly???! Anyway, a few lunchtime minutes courtesy of work to catch up.

I am now kinda moved into my ready made old people's home (who said I was no good at planning ahead?) - trying to fit in work et al is proving a challenge.

I have spent a couple of evenings in Westminster this week. Monday was to meet with Patrick Hall, (Bedford MP) Eve Burt (wife of Alistair MP for North East Beds) and Simon Hughes to discuss the event they are sponsoring for Elijah Trust in June. Patrick kindly took Gill (Director of Elijah Trust) and myself for dinner in the Adjournment restaurant in Portcullis. We had a lovely meal and on the way out bumped into one of my Tory boys - Bedford Councillor Peter Hand (who is a researcher). Didn't think anything of it until we were on the way home and my phone rang. It was that other Tory boy, rascal Andrew McConnell (who has now blogged about it here) - what's all this I hear about you having dinner and pink champagne with Patrick? says he. He also kindly informs me that he is in the Crown with editor of our local rag Steve Lowe...........hmmm. Anyway Andrew all I have to say is that at least Lib Dem bloggers are an egalitarian lot, unlike you Tories who keep your blogging site for MPs only!

Tuesday night, being the martyr that I am, I forgo the chance for a slap up dinner with McKinsey to go to FPC.....actually its more to do with my innate nosiness! Although I was fashionably late and missed part of the debate on Immigration. Whilst we already have recent policy on Immigration, it is clearly a huge issue for the electorate. I am encouraged that on this issue we are prepared to be bold, it is something we cannot afford to ignore. The likelihood is that there will be a Spokes paper coming to Autumn conference on it. Then on to Climate Change and Health. More about that later. ..........and the men in white to a meeting.

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