Saturday, January 05, 2008

Nick Clegg's first big test this week

Well, Nick Clegg will spend his 41st birthday on Monday preparing for his first big test. The timely intervention of Christmas has given him a little respite and opportunity to recharge his batteries. No doubt he has been working out his formidable intellect, practising his jokes, limbering up for the anticipated challenges. Many will be watching closely, will he glide through this close examination with the kind of ease I demonstrated on the ice skating ring last night? Will he demonstrate his prowess as a giant among men and women? Will he stamp his authority with indelible ink in such a way that witnesses will leave in awe and amazement that we have elected such a leader? Will his name become a byword for a Colossus among politicians? So, only 3 days to go and we will know. Yes 3 was FPC I was thinking about!

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