Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Looz Muze and the Number Crunching Mystery!

I have just had the shock of my life reading LibDemBlogs Number Crunching (2007) to discover I made it to number 7 of the most popular blogs, hard on the heels (well maybe soft on the heels) of ubiqutous bloggers Paul Walter and Nich Starling and sadly the only woman in the top 10. However, with the emergence of the likes of Alix, Jo and Charlotte to name but three, I expect this to be very different next year.

Finding myself as the seventh most popular Lib Dem blogger is even more of a shock given my sloppy and inconsistent approach to blogging...........I am not sure how I should take it, especially given some of the anonymous comments left on my blog, some people clearly only read it as a form of self flagellation!

Anyway, Granny intends to make the most of the moment.............whilst listening to the wonderful Vaughan Williams on Classic FM (thoroughly recommended) and eagerly anticipating a dollop of pure escapism with Sense and Sensibility later this evening.

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Ryan said...

Without giving much away, the stats for November 2007 have 3 women in the top 10.