Monday, April 07, 2008

Demonstrations or Celebrations?

I couldn't believe my ears, the police officer being interviewed by John Humphries on Today this morning, explaining that the reason the Tibetan protest was cordoned off was because it was a "demonstration" whereas the Chinese, a couple of hundred yards up the road were a "celebration" so didn't need to be treated as a demonstration. In the old days, what they were holding may well have been referred to as a "counter-demonstration" - in fact, walking past the "celebration" the hatred and anger that was being manifest by the group did not appear to be that celebratory!

Anyway STWC et al, here is a solution, stop organising demonstrations.....organise celebrations instead!

On another point, I managed to find Lynne Featherstone, but there was no clear rallying point for Lib Dems. On various demos I occasionally bump into fellow members, but we really could do with a nice big colourful banner, couldn't we? Is there one somewhere that we just don't know about? Isn't it something worth investing in, I for one would certainly be prepared to help sponsor the cost.

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