Thursday, April 17, 2008

I was beginning to feel sorry for Gordon Brown..........but now he has really cooked his goose!

Today I have found myself feeling a little sorry for Gordo. Maybe he was promoted to his level of incompetence, but he meant well, didn't he? Yes, we have an economic crisis, but that has more to do with the US (and not a little to do with the trillions they are spending on their illegal war) doesn't it?

But...............I just heard what he said about Bush being a great world leader. PLEASE.......PASS THE SICK BAG!!!!! I am sorry, be polite, be diplomatic, be respectful if you must, but do not give that monster any credit for greatness or leadership. Last night (and I will write more about this over the weekend when I have longer) I was at a reception at Lambeth Palace where I was moved to tears by hearing the Arch Deacon of the Orthodox Church of Syria speaking about the enormous pressure his church is under due to caring for the many refugees from Iraq. He asked humbly and poignantly if anyone knew where they could get money from to help, they were a poor church, with poor people who were struggling to help the refugees. Refugees who were in their predicament because of the Bush support for the Project for a New American Century (however quiet they may have gone these days - no postings since 2006). Whatever else that man is he is not a great world leader and to describe him as such diminishes Brown absolutely. Has he learned nothing from the fate of his predecessor? Does he still condone our support for that disastrous war? Has he totally lost his reason?

The knives are out for a man who has waited so long for his ultimate prize, a prize which it seems is now turning rancid before his eyes. So Mr Brown, you are Prime Minister.......the clue is in the name, your role is to serve and the best service you can do your country now is to quit.

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