Friday, April 04, 2008

Sorry Norman.......I just couldn't resist!

I am a big fan of Norman Lamb. We had a slight difference of opinion over the post office motion a couple of years ago, but since he ultimately won the point and I am just naturally magnanimous (!) since then we have got along just fine. He passed me a couple of months ago at Portcullis and I shouted after him that I would be speaking on the same platform as him at a conference in Norwich, his response "On the same side?" .........of course!

So, despite our slight difference of opinion on issues to do with public services, we do communicate. But this week was slightly different. I received an inexplicable email from Norman, swiftly followed by another one apologising, it wasn't meant for me it was meant for his PA. I replied to say that was fine, but he better be careful because one day he may send me something he didn't want me to see! Then, the very next day, another email to me. I immediately emailed him back to let him know, part of his response was ".....I am petrified that I will appear on your blog!" Up until that point the idea hadn't occurred to me.............:-)

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