Friday, August 29, 2008

Sloppy kisses all round..............especially for Alex Wilcock!

Congratulations to everyone on Iain Dale's list, I was especially pleased to see that our top individual blogger was Alix and to see that so many more women are taking this blogging lark more seriously! That is not to denigrate you guys (would I????) but it has always frustrated me that the gender imbalance in Westminster is reflected in the blogosphere. So especial congrats to Steph Ashley as one of the newcomers who has done so well.

And........sloppy kisses to all those of you who voted for me.........without prompting too! I might lobby and canvass hard to be elected to this and that (er.....European Parliament, FPC et al) but I have a blockage about my blog, probably because it is more personal.

Anyway, a tad late, I also finally get round to saying which of my posts I am most proud of. Actually these are the ones which have been recommended by others. If a post ends up in the golden dozen by virtue of the number of clicks (or the outrageousness of its title!) that is cool, but I am always so much prouder when one of my blogging heroes recommends something I have penned.

So - most proud must have been when sparring partner extraordinaire Alex Wilcock described my post on the Lisbon Treaty vote as "the most sensible I've read on the issue" ......... Alex, describing me as sensible, what an accolade! And I still chuckle to myself about Alex's fury when I did this post about gender and the by elections and then went off to Belfast!

The one and only Burbler has been kind enough to describe this post on multiculturalism as a "blinder" - thanks Paul!

And the awesome Stephen Tall has kindly nominated some of my blogs in the "ones you may have missed" from time to time.

If I may be permitted my own indulgence, I quite liked this one on locking up our children, it is one of the things I feel most passionately about.

And thanks to you all for giving me a nice warm glow yesterday, having had a difficult few weeks it was much appreciated!

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Steph Ashley said...

Thanks Linda :) I think in my case it's more the charm of novelty than any genuine skill but I am very pleased all the same!