Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What really matters

Last night I travelled home pontificating on a possible response to the one and only JG and his temperate (?) comments re Nick Clegg and his alleged detractors......(could this be the same Mr G who had a pop at me less than 12 months ago for not giving Ming a chance?!). Well, I had two sobering calls during the evening, one from a very dear pal, who is very disabled and unable to work and has found herself in £60,000 of debt. The other from my sister who regular readers may remember was very poorly last year, and was distraught having just broken off her engagement. Just before 6 this morning I got a text from another dear friend to let me know that her son had just died, this only four years after her husband had died from the same condition.

So fisticuffs with Mr Graham seemed a lot less important. Which got me thinking about how easily we lose sight of the important things in life - so many of which motivated us all to get involved in politics in the first place. We find ourselves entangled in the detail when the big picture is what is important. We fiddle fart about arguing about the means when surely it is the outcome we should be focusing upon? We judge others for not doing things as we believe they should rather than seeking common cause to end the injustices and inequalities we all abhor.

Well, this is where I am right now...............but I have no doubt I will return to kick ass tomorrow!


The Burbler said...


I have been praying for your pal with the debt, your sister and your friend with the husband and son both gone - and you. Will continue to do so.

Linda Jack said...

Bless you Paul, thanks so much. I had a message from my friend with the debt today that she has been able to reduce her payments substantially and is much happier and have just got back from my friend's where her and her daughter and son in law were planning her son's funeral. They are an inspiration, a demonstration of the reality of their faith. I went with them to order 20 of Jon's favourite pizzas from his favourite pizza place for the funeral, which was very touching. My sister is coming for the weekend so I hope to do what I can to support her then. And thanks for praying for me too! I will certainly need it as I am doing a 26 minute interview with Premier Radio on Saturday......as I said to a certain Mr Hughes, it's hard enough for me to avoid foot and mouth contact with 2 or 3 minutes of interview, scary what I can do with 26 minutes!!!


The Burbler said...

Thank you Linda - crikey - 26 minutes!!!!!! Mind you, Premier Radio should be all right on you!!

The Burbler said...

How did you get on? If I had been more quick thinking I would have recorded it on Sky.

Linda Jack said...

Hi Paul

It was OK, questions were not exactly as I expected. At the end they ask who you would like a Bible Society bible (which now has all the references to poverty and justice in red) to go to, so I have asked for it to go to George Galloway! It wasn't live and should be broadcast on Sunday 31st August at 2.30pm, hopefully won't be too embarrassing!