Tuesday, October 28, 2008

101 things you never knew about Lembit Part 3.........

62 Lembit was labelled “Saviour of the Universe” by Esquire magazine for his work on highlighting the threat of asteroids to life on earth.
63 Lembit appeared on the front cover of the April 2003 edition of Harmonica World magazine and is a proficient harmonica player.
64 Every year Lembit performs a sketch with Stephen Pound MP and Nigel Evans MP to raise money for MacMillan Cancer Support.
65 Lembit has met with successive Prime Ministers on subjects ranging from animal welfare to Motor Neurone Disease.
66 Lembit has worked with the “Youth at Risk” organisation to transform the way young offenders and potential offenders are treated by the legal and support systems.
67 When working for Procter & Gamble, Lembit introduced the first environmental labelling for any major UK consumer brand (Fairy Liquid). 68 Lembit nearly chose a career in teaching.
69 Lembit feels that addressing his old school as the guest speaker on Prize Day was one of the greatest honours of his career.
70 Lembit was offered a sponsorship to study Aeronautical Engineering at Queens University Belfast.
71 Lembit used to lead the Press Centre team for the British Association for the Advancement of Science annual conference.
72 Lembit co-chaired part of a conference in 2008 investigating the health effects of radiation associated with mobile phone technology.
73 Lembit has worked on a cross Party basis to reduce the risk of litigation for voluntary organisations – the Government introduced legislation as a direct result of this campaign.
74 Between 1994 and 1996, Lembit created the Fast Reaction Early Decision (F.R.E.D.) process for cross Party consultation in the event of a hung parliament. The procedure is still in place today.
75 Lembit has always supported the case for a “positive campaigning” approach in preference to “negative campaigning.”
76 Lembit cites “ignorance and conformity” as the greatest threats to a progressive liberal society.


Anonymous said...

102 If asked, Lembit will shove a broom up his arse and sweep the Cowley Street floor clean, while playing 'Touch my bum' on his harmonica. Love you dearly Linda, but ENOUGH ALREADY. Whatever he has done, he would be a shit president.

Anonymous said...

Linda its a good idea, and all interesting stuff, but I am inclined to agree with the comment above.

Its probably a fortnight too late, and I have to admit out of the fifteen/twenty activists I have spoken to about this election, almost all have voted for Ros as their first preference.

I would be genuinely suprised if Lembit won this now, and even significant numbers of armchair voters who wouldn't normally know much about Ros, are voting for her once they read the manifestos.

I suppose we will find out in a week or two? Does anyone know when the result will be announced?

Anonymous said...

My oh my, your selective list ois laughable!
What about Lembit the embarrassing drunk, or Lembit and that tarty Cheeky Girl, who oh so cleverly used him to propel that godawful duo back into the headlines?
What abouut Lembit the serial philanderer? Or the Lembit who was anti fox hunting till he became a rural MP and suddenly had a change of heart?
In other words, Lembit the hypocritic idiot with his brain in his crotch going through a mid-life crisis.
Your list is pathetic and does not even touch upon just how toxic Lembit Opik really is

Anonymous said...

Goodness, are you smitten by Grope-it Opik or what?!
Fraid you're not nearly trollopy enough for his lascivious tastes.
There are not many women nowdays who'd go near him, not after the half-dressed Cheeky tart saga. Let's face it, how do you recover from that one?!

eda said...