Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Taking Home the Bacon" - Looz Moovz!

Long suffering and long standing readers will remember my move last year to my old people's home. It resulted in months of problems with internet access (shout out to Duncan Borrowman for all his support in those dark days!), many worries, many months without water in the kitchen..........and the latest........two weeks without heat or hot water. If anything it has given me a real insight into the problems that tenants can have, so I am jumping for joy that I hope to be out of here within the month!

The great news is that I will be moving in with my daughter, her partner, her daughter and my son - we have been out looking at houses today in a village in North Herts (to be near the airport where my son has just got a job). I think we have found somewhere that will be a perfect family home and I am really thrilled. Somewhere where we can actually invite people for dinner, have room to swing a cat (not that we would of course!), be close to most of the family and hopefully be more able to support my sister. dilemma........what to do about the bacon?! Last night I had been wondering about this. My daughter's partner is Muslim. I figured I could live without pork........but bacon????? On the way home, discussing arrangements if this all works out, including fridges, Lara who had clearly been thinking about this too, said "We'll have to have a separate shelf for the bacon". That's that sorted then!

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Susan said...

Will look forward to saying welcome to Hertfordshire!