Thursday, October 30, 2008

Opik Issues Home Truths..........

Lib Dem Presidential candidate Lembit Öpik MP has issued some "home truths" to members admitting how the events of 2008 "almost stalled my life" and promising to put his "heart and soul" into the job.

It comes as voting in the contest enters its final week. In a personal email to Party members, due to be sent out next week, Lembit addresses his detractors head on "And with some humility, I can tell you I've learned to see why some folk are concerned about my Presidency. Some fear I'll be unpredictable, a wild one, or too involved in a profile outside politics. Or they think I'm too much of a joker, or a political lightweight. Or they believe I want to be President for my own self-promotion.

"To tell you the truth, I've been frustrated and angry with people for thinking these things about me. But looking at it now, I realise that the right response is not to be angry, but to be a bit more empathetic to these concerns and to appreciate why some feel this way, and try to accommodate that very natural caution within my equally natural enthusiasm and effusive optimism about the human race.

"If I win the election, I'll work with you to get the best out of all of us, and to value the differences between us for the common goal and vision we share. For me, it's the vision of a Lib Dem Government. It's a journey we can only make successfully if we make it together. But it's also a journey we can only complete if we're a bit braver, and embrace each other's unique contributions.

Lembit goes on to outline how he believes he can form the perfect team with Leader Nick Clegg.

"Nick's perfectly capable of leading our Party towards Government. And I've got the ability to make our Party ready and capable of making that voyage across a stormy sea. It's a great partnership of inspiration, flamboyance, courage, teamwork, warmth and action. I can see that working very well and I hope you can too.

"In a way, I can't help regarding this election as a test. It's a test of our collective courage. A test of whether we really do value different styles and approaches, or whether conformity is a primary limitation."

In a final plea for members to back him Lembit says:

"I'm not going to get everything right, and never pretended I could. But I've got a passion for this role, just as I have a passion for life. If you feel like joining me on an exciting adventure for a few years, go and get your ballot paper and sign up by voting for it.

"It'll be a heck of a ride. And afterwards, I'm sure you'll look back and be amazed how far we got, and be glad we made the journey."

The deadline for the receipt of ballot papers is Friday 7th November 2008.

More information about Lembit's campaign can be found at

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