Sunday, October 28, 2007

Is it the Nick Huhne or the Chris Clegg Show?..........continued........

OK.....I have returned, unscarred from my Murder Mystery. Totally confused it has to be said, I was convinced it was me what dun it, with the help of course of Captain Pastings............

So, where was I?

Q - I think this was something about priorities?

Nick talked about his Freedom Bill, and that one of our first acts in power should be to remove a swathe of laws. He touched on ID cards, the DNA database, the right to protest. He talked about the research he had done, widely reported, to discover that there were 3,400 new criminal offences. He emphasised the fact that we must do our research.

Chris focused on the salami slicing of our civil liberties that has accumulated under a Labour Government. He highlighted the cases of Maya Evans and Walter Woolfgang. We are losing our liberties - no other country detains people for longer than 14 days and we are witnessing a worrying erosion of liberties. We should never forget the cumulative effect.

Q about how charismatic the candidates were

Chris observed that we were doomed to fail if not seen as charismatic. He felt it was up for others to decide as to whether a candidate was charismatic, his faith was in that everyone has a vote and he trusted in the collective wisdom of the party.

Nick was insistent that there was a need to represent the different strands of the party - the leader had to be the standard bearer for all off us.He believed he had the flair energy and dynamism necessary. We should celebrate our values and be ambitious.

Q - what does success look like?

Nick's ambition was to break the deadlock in 10 years, doubling representation as a stepping stone to power.

Chris was reminded of the wisdom from an ex Treasury colleague any prediction should be without a date! He broadly agreed with Nick that our objective should be 150 seats in 2 elections. He again referred to his belief that we were reaching a tipping point. He also saw the party on an ambitious route march, fighting to win, and he believed we had a real prospect of success .

Q how to reengage our youth

Nick reflected that it was a grotesque sin that our young people were being deliberately vilified by a so called progressive party. For him the key was communication.

Chris recognised that one of the key issues was the environment we were steeling the planet from our children of enormous importance was to reconnect locally with the young.

Q ? Er...........forgot this one but a prize to anyone who can guess it from the answers!

Chris - we should be inspiring the apathetic as an anti establishment party it was outrageous that the Labour Party had 55% of seats for 30% of vote - we needed to engage on a crusade for change.

Nick believes that we are the future, we should be a gathering point for those who want a different kind of politics, people not systems, communities not bureaucracy, human innovation not government dictat.

Well, I am dropping off at the mo, so may get to comment on this tomorrow.........maybe!

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