Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Leadership Elections? My lips are sealed..............

When everyone is chatting about the leadership election and I am gagged................what to say???? Well, I have had an interesting few days in Berlin, when I was delighted that a motion I initiated on the situation of the Arab citizens of Israel was passed. But I am not convinced that the way ELDR do business is the right way. Motions are submitted, amendments follow, there are then working groups to try and reach a consensus. Votes are only taken on contentious issues, motions are passed with little or no debate. This is very unfortunate. I wanted to get a feel for what my other European colleagues were passionate about..........instead there were points made about the minutiae of inappropriate commas!

But Berlin was lovely, it was fascinating to return (my last visit being pre the fall of the wall) and see how the city had been revitalised. A definite candidate for a future cultural visit.

My only other news is that I have been invited to become a blogger on my trade mag. This is a great honour, especially as the other person invited is one of my all time heroes, previously CEO of the National Youth Agency, Tom Wylie (seen here with Simon Hughes).

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Paul Walter said...

Gagged?! We don't appear to be hearing the last of it! ;-)