Friday, October 26, 2007

Stop Press - Loo's Muze Exclusive

I have just learnt, from a source close to Nick, that his nomination paper has been signed by the following MPs
  • Danny Alexander heading up Nick's campaign
  • Julia Goldsworthy - Nick's agent
  • Stephen Williams - (Chris Huhne's agent last time)
  • Steve Webb
  • Sarah Teather
  • Tim Farron - (Ming's PPS)
  • Norman Baker - our own Eco champion
I have to say that if Steve Webb had stood it would have made my decision about who to back very difficult. The fact that Steve and for that matter Tim Farron, are behind Nick is a huge encouragement. GO TEAM CLEGG!


Leigh Russell said...

You don't sound boring at all. It's good to be passionate about what you do. There isn't enough passion in politics these days, most of us are so bored and blase with the whole circus. So good for you, to have convictions and some get up and go. We need more people like you, to kick start some genuine debate.

Linda Jack said...

Thanks Leigh

It gets me into terrible trouble at times, but frankly if you are in politics because you want to make a difference to the people whose misery is compounded by the short sighted opportunism of the political classes, you are gonna upset a few people!!!