Monday, December 31, 2007

Phew, what a year!

Just off to a house party with Yas, so will sign off for 2007. A topsy turvy kind of year, I have just had a quick look at my posts over the past 12 months.

January started as I meant to go on, lots about Trident and leadership, and of course the Trident theme continued until and beyond Spring Conference. In February I enlisted a few guests to try and get a debate going about diversity. March began with a moan about gay men being gay, speculated about Nick Clegg's leadership plans, went on about Trident a bit..........April I moved into my own old people's home and my problems with BT began, but I still had chance to shout about some of the sexist attitudes about women on the front line after a woman was killed in Iraq.

Those Internet problems kept me relatively quiet through the summer, (I know what a blessing!) though I have to confess to have started asking questions about Ming in June, ending in August with "Jackgate" and me being hung from a lamp post by Paul Walter et al..........

September I almost got back to normal, attending all three party conferences gave me a fair bit to chat about as well as that old chestnut of women and the blogosphere. October of course everything kicked off with the leadership election, but November saw my record number of blogs ever (61 - heavens keep this up and I may catch up with Mr W and Mr S!)so now back onto a relatively even keel.

What will there be to shout the odds about in 2008 I wonder?

Anyway, a very happy and successful new year to everyone. On a personal note is is great to see the increase in the number of women bloggers over this year, I hope that numbers continue to grow next year and that we also become more representative in terms of ethnicity.

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