Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine!

Last week my daughter asked if I was doing anything this evening, my reply? Well, apart from fending off the queue of handsome young men knocking on my door to take me for dinner...........nothing?! Valentine's Day must be a little like Christmas Day for those without family or friends to celebrate with. On every other day of the year us "singles" get along just fine, but on Valentine's day we are made to feel like specimens from the planet Zog. Even Women's Hour, that champion of women's rights, talks to you as if you must be in a relationship, anticipating that romantic candlelit meal in an overcrowded overpriced local hostelry......bovvered.......??? Moi???!!!

It has to be said, I did get a kindofa Valentine's card, from someone probably well known to a few older members of our party....... (at this point I could give a huge clue with reference to the Glee Club............but I won't!) but well.........

So I have just listened to the awesome "Down the Line", followed by the unmissable speed dating on the Archers (who is that continuity announcer reflecting "I wonder if we have set a new world record for gooseberries listening in?"), followed, at some point, by Question Time. Romantic Dinner? Question Time with Melanie Phillips?......There's no contest really, is there?!


Jo A said...

I may be biased as I'm single myself but I think it was sad today to hear so many women with partners using valentine's night as a test of their relationship.

Very nice, but I'm just thinking what if the big night goes wrong? A bit overhyped like christmas I think!

But then, I am disgruntled and single!

Linda Jack said...

I agree. I heard someone the other day saying if she didn't get roses at work, a present and a slap up dinner, they were finished! Dear or dear, even if she gets all that I can't see the relationship lasting if that is its basis.