Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oooh 'eck Looz Muze (SHOCKING!) Nuze!!!!

Today I got a surprise pressie, dropped into my inbox from an unlikely source. wasn't a belated was a message from James Graham to inform me that along with fellow women bloggers Meral Ece, Alix Mortimer, Charlotte Gore and Lynne Featherstone, I had been nominated for the Gender Balance Best Lib Dem Blog! Now, included in the message was a request for me to add the button to my blog with a link to the Gender Balance Campaign - this I am unable to do, so this is the temporary compromise until I find out what I need to do.

Whilst I know I have a few fans, I also have a lot of detractors. There was a little chatter and speculation when I wasn't in the shortlist for last year's blog awards, was it because I was a tad off message? Was it because I had been a weeny bit challenging about Ming's performance? Actually I was quite clear, it was a) because I wasn't good enough and b) because I was the archetypal intermittent blogger!

Then, last month I discovered I was number 7 on the list of most "popular" bloggers for last year. This caused me to revise my understanding of the word "popular" given that it is very clear many of my dear readers do so as an alternative to wearing a hair shirt!

So I was genuinely delighted that I was regarded as worthy enough to end up in the top 5 for the Gender Balance Award. I said at the time that the existence of the award is an admission of failure not success, but "If we can encourage more diversity in political debate through this award then I fail to see how this is a bad thing." We have seen many more women enter the blogosphere over the last year which is great, but we are still outnumbered in blog entries and blogs at around 8 to 1.

So, many thanks to those of you who were kind enough to nominate me, I am really thrilled that my ramblings have on occasions touched a chord and I hope will play a part in encouraging other women to see that you don't have to be a Polly Toynbee or Jackie Ashley to express an opinion!

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