Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My wonderful life!

One of the problems I have with blogging or writing letters to the press, is that I need to be wound up and sent off spinning. This is why I have been uncharacteristically sparse over the past few weeks, unbelievable as it may seem, if I don't have anything to say.............I find it hard to say it! (OK Mr/s anonymous I am sure you will disagree!). I have even managed to get a couple of letters in the Telegraph (one about Iraq the other about the outing of Simon Hughes), both written when I was spitting blood and deciding the best bet was to attack the "enemy" (what is the point of preaching to the converted?)..........so I have been reflecting on the fact that my web-log is more of a vehicle for venting my spleen than recording my life. This is rather unbalanced, although I suppose the problem is, very few people, save my family and closest friends, would be that interested in how I spend my days.............

But, I do do things other than politics, honest! This weekend I.............went shopping(!), and..........had coffee with one of my Tory boys Andrew McConnell, always a golden opportunity to catch up with the Bedford Borough gossip. It's very odd, having sat on the council for 5 years, not to be involved anymore. Then out with another pal, deputy ed of our local rag Beds on Sunday, Liz O'Reilly. A lovely meal in Cellar V (somewhere I didn't even know existed) followed by a live band in the Kings Arms.

Next weekend I am off to Venice for a Mums and Sons break with a friend from work. Apart from the odd weekend at my friend's on Exmoor, this is the first holiday I have had with Ravi for 7 years, so I am really looking forward to it.

There, I do do normal too...........it's just it's not really that interesting!:-)


Cllr Andrew McConnell said...


Was good to catch up with you at the weekend. We do so miss seeing you in your trademark pink boots at Council meetings.

Anyway, no spreading gossip OK... yeah?

Anonymous said...

Gossip. Oh do tell Linda, what have the Tories been up too?

Linda Jack said...

Gossip........moi?????! Actually, having been well schooled in the dark arts of the Intelligence Corps I am well used to keeping my counsel. I am confident that the shananigins of the Tories will out before too long!