Sunday, February 17, 2008

Northern Rock - Time for Brown to fez up and ask Vince to be his Chancellor!

Sorry to go all military again, but, when you are in a war you need to assess the situation quickly, decide how and where to deploy your resources, and get on with it. This clearly hasn't happened in the Northern Rock debacle. Dithering has been the order of the day and much misery has been the result. I don't work for Northern Rock, I can't imagine what it must feel like to be one of their employees at the moment. I do work for the FSA (though not as a regulator) so I have a little insight into the wider impact.

Vince is a wise and canny man, he understands economics in a way very few others in parliament do, and yet, presumably due to the political imperative to keep face, his prophetic voice has been deliberately ignored. This is not and should not, be about political point scoring, but it is sadly ironic that the government has ended up doing what Vince advised from the beginning. Last year Brown attempted to divide and rule by throwing out his favours to a few potentially compliant Lib Dems, his "Big Tent" - if he is serious about consensus politics and using the talents of all for the benefit of the nation, I would suggest maybe now is a good time to offer Vince the position of thing is for sure, the incumbent has clearly demonstrated his incompetence!

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