Thursday, May 31, 2007

Jack's Back............But for How Long?????

I have been having unbelievable troubles trying to log in to my blog, OK, so I've had an enforced hibernation for a few weeks, but then, rather than welcoming me back with open arms Blogger told me s/he didn't recognise me????? The ultimate insult! I have been round and round in circles,now have another blog somewhere in bloggosphere, but, by a route I know not how, I managed to break back into the Muze.

So let's see, what to chat about...........firstly, can someone let me have a reduced Shakespeare version of the last few weeks of the blogs? Then I can at least try and catch up and attempt some semblence of an informed opinion!

All my problems with BT (still unresolved) boring but resulting in me still being offline in my Old Peoples Home..........but, may well get there this weekend, watch this space!

Ciao for now