Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Taking on Nadine Dorries Obama style!

My new fundraising advert has just gone live, you can see it here. Thanks to Message Space - who made it for me and Mark Pack, who suggested me, I hope to raise substantial funds to take on Nadine Dorries in Mid Beds. They have already launched for Anthony Calvert (standing against Ed Balls) who has so far raised over £10,000. Jag Singh from Message Space says:"YouFundMe is about opening up political funding to the ordinary public, because British politics is too dominated by a few big donors which skews politics and undermines the public's trust.YouFundMe provides the technology platform for candidates to advertise themselves and raise money for their campaigns outside their party structures and outside their constituencies. To donors it provides an easy, secure way of immediately supporting candidates.Public confidence in parliament and politicians is at a low, YouFundMe offers candidates the opportunity to engage far beyond their usual spheres, make their case and collect donations from people who trust and believe in them.We've already helped one candidate (Antony Calvert in Morley & Outwood) raise more money than any other candidate in the UK via small donations, and we're confident our platform will assist Linda in her campaign.YouFundMe is a project open to candidates from all registered UK parties (except the BNP)."If you want to support my campaign, please donate, how ever small your contribution it will all make a difference! Feedback from Nadine's first "Nadine Unscripted" event in Streatley last night, where only 7 people turned up, suggests she is already worried about the inroads the Lib Dems are making in Mid Beds. She has written off Labour as a paper candidate, but I am glad to see she recognises where her real opposition lies.On the doorstep even solid Tory voters are telling me they are fed up with having an MP who seems to care only about feathering her own nest, and Labour voters are telling me they are disillusioned with Labour - many will be voting Lib Dem for the first time!So - if you want to see REAL change on May 6th - and a clear out of all those MPs who are more concerned about furthering their own careers than representing their constituents - you know what to do - Click here!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Queen Travelling on Easyjet?

The Queen on Easyjet? Well, times is hard...............

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