Monday, March 12, 2007

Trident Rebellion?

Greetings from Glasgow. I am wondering if Blair, for all his Scottish heritage, has even an inkling of the degree of anger about Trident in this country. Today the Scotsman - headline "The Trident Rebellion" has six pages devoted to the subject. But then...........Faslane is a good way from London. As is Plymouth. So if it all goes belly up and there is an accident (because of course we would never use the damn things) its only Scotland and the South West get it.

I do feel angry, angry that Blair will get his wicked way, angry that we as a party couldn't have had more courage on this issue, angry that the smug Tories will fall in behind Mr "do I look like I would know what integrity was if it came and bit me in the bottom" do what is "right for the country". Now I am in grave danger of degenerating into a rant (unusual I know) will shut up.....especially as I have to be up at some unearthly hour in the morning.

On a lighter note I went delivering for Katy Gordon this evening. As she was driving me to our destination she said "I did say it was tenements didn't I?" Katy, you didn't................but that's OK. Good exercise eh??!! Who needs bums and tums at some expensive gym when you can get the same result...........

Well, whilst I was impressed with the Art Deco tiling and grandeur of the tenements, I was not quite so impressed with the four stories. I'm a granny for heaven's sake, my mountaineering days are long gone! I have to confess that there were times, as I neared the summit of the 35th or 36th tenement, when I was reminded of that feeling, in the snow and the gale, a few hundred feet from the summit of Helvellyn, when you think, that's it, I can't carry on. Why oh why didn't someone warn me, I could have booked a St Bernard! But, for sure, I will never ever again complain about the long drives in Putnoe...........

So, all I have to worry about now is where I will sleep tomorrow night......and more importantly whether whereveritis has Internet access.

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