Sunday, March 18, 2007

Politics...........who's boverred?

Well, I am just back from St Patrick's Day celebrations in Bedford. As ever it was a brilliant night, spent with pals from our local rag. The band "Life of Riley" are awesome. What is it about Irish music which liberates the soul? OK, so maybe it has a bit to do with my heritage, Irish, Scottish, a dollop of English, a little Spanish seasoning and a smidgen of German. I know, a bit of a mongrel.................but there is always something which draws me to my Gaelic heritage.

So tonight was great. Dancing, singing, walking home barefoot. I must confess, I haven't done that since my student days 30 years ago, how scary is that? I must admit it hit me hard..............that sensation as you cross from smooth unoffensive paving, to gritty tarmac road, and that realisation that you are more than twice as old as you were when you last did it! So, I go into philosophical mode. Why oh why am I bothered about politics? Life is scarily short, I could be climbing mountains (er........maybe) cruising the world, entering glamorous granny competitions, going to WI meetings..............OK, maybe not. But, the truth is, I have a great life, I have and still have, amazing opportunities, opportunities that have been denied so many. Denied often because of political decisions. So, as a Lib Dem I believe that the decisions we would have made in power would have been different. Globally different, nationally different and locally different. So, I could just take a "s*d the lot of you" perspective and go retire in Donegal...........or I can go on doing what I can, however little, to try and make a difference. I boverred? Yes, I think I am.

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