Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Trident.......In the Interests of the Country...........

Well, marooned as I am in Belfast's fair city, was sadly unable to join the demo at Westminster today. But, was intrigued at the Tory position of "We are putting our country's interests first".............two questions. Number one, the implication that anyone who takes a different view isn' whose interests pray, are they allegedly putting first? Not BAe systems that's for sure. Number two..........this is said with such high handed conviction. I can draw only one conclusion, subtext from Mr Cameron and the Cameroonies......normally we don't put the country's interests first. Actually Mr C, we had worked that one out. Some of us remember the Thatcher years when frankly the last on your party's list of interests was "the country". Big business, yes, the Media Mughals, yes, your children (even if they do get lost in the desert and end up embroiled in all sorts of unsavoury dealings) yes, your future opportunities to make a mint on speaking tours in the US, yes - oh dear this is sounding more and more like Mr B!

So, let's get this clear shall we. If those claiming that they were voting in the interests of the country had ever, even once, shown a vestige of concern for this nation before, maybe, just maybe, we would have had policy decisions which demonstrated that. Instead, a very similar alliance to the one which dragged us into the illegal immoral and unjust war with Iraq and all the danger that has subsequently plunged this country into, today hooked arms again to support what frankly is also an unjust, immoral and potentially illegal position - no change there then. Whilst the likes of Des Browne bleat on about needing to defend ourselves without once recognising the irony...........its OK for us and the other 8 or so Nuclear States to have these weapons because we are so vulnerable, but for you other 134 (or how ever many countries it is left) tough ****

Am I little ****** off? Could say so.

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