Sunday, March 18, 2007

Peace and Prosperity for Northern Ireland?

In little over a week we will know whether or not Northern Ireland will have been able to take the next step in the peace process with, let's hope, a stable and secure assembly. One of my great joys in visiting Belfast these days is the clear evidence of the peace dividend. The regeneration of the city, the vibrancy and feeling of security, even the soaring house prices are an indication of the very real change.

Last week I was on Donegal Pass and able to snap this poster of Anna Lo (see Colin Ross's piece about her election) yet another indication of how things have changed in Northern Ireland. So, another important step on an often impossibly difficult road. Much done, much still to do, I am sure we wish Anna and all assembly members, charged with making this work for the sake of all their children, very best wishes for a productive and successful assembly.

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