Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nick Clegg's Leadership Plans

This evening I popped into Westminster on my way home. I had arranged a meeting, for myself and fellow party protaganist Paul Reynolds, with Nick Clegg before catching up with ex Bedfordian Dan Rogerson. Whilst waiting for Paul to arrive I bumped into "blushing" Greg Simpson............

So, Paul and I had an interesting meeting bending Nick's ear about a host of issues, then I had a quick conflab with my local MP Patrick Hall about an event he is jointly sponsoring with Alistair Burt and Simon Hughes for Elijah Trust in June, followed by a pleasant while on the terrace (felt like summer is on its way) with Dan, who was duty whip tonight. We reminisced about the youth club he used to have in his patch when a Bedford councillor, where I sometimes worked and remembered turning up to work one evening to find a fight going on outside about an alleged stolen mobile phone, a twelve year old with a replica gun and the next door children's playground hut ablaze...........what to deal with first........those were the days.

But.........the question you're all dying to hear the answer to. Well.............when we were just finishing with Nick he said he was surprised that I hadn't asked him about the piece he was supposed to be doing for my blog about his Artic Challenge. That's OK says I, don't worry about it, you can do something about your leadership plans instead..............I can't possibly repeat what he told me to do, far too rude for such a ladylike blog!!!!

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