Sunday, June 15, 2008

20 Questions to a Presidential Candidate

Later this year we will all be invited to vote for a new Party President. Simon Hughes has set the bar high. So far we have two declared candidates, Baroness Ros Scott and Lembit Opik MP. Regular readers will know I have a genuine dilemma about who to support - so I have written to both with 20 questions which I hope will help me, and others, decide.

I have heard from Ros that she is happy to answer my questions and I trust Lembit will do likewise - watch this space!


Bernard Salmon said...

How about posting your 20 questions here?

Linda Jack said...

Will do!

The Burbler said...

"genuine dillemma"? You must be joking. Roger the Rabbit could stand against Lembit and I would vote for Roger. It's Ros for me!!!

PS Who is she?