Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mark Oaten - Will he go or will he stay?

I note that Political Betting has a further update on the Oaten story - in an interview with the Portsmouth News he does seem to be suggesting he will go early.

I do appreciate his heartfelt plea to be forgiven. Actually it is not for us to forgive him, it is his wife and she has so that is good enough for me. All I am concerned about is the timing of any early departure and I trust he will be taking advice about this.


Jo said...

Why should he be begging for forgiveness? Didn't the story break two years ago? It's nobody's business but his own.

I couldn't care less about Mark Oaten's private life, in fact the less I know about it the better!!!


Linda Jack said...

He obviously feels he needs to raise the issue (as he did on Political Betting) frankly as I said I don't think it is anybody's business but him and his family - as I said in a speech at Spring Conference two years ago - we have a media that is more interested in what men do with their willies than what they do with their weapons of mass destruction! What is important for all of us is his ultimate decision about Winchester.