Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Let's hear it for our transport policy......or not?

Nick Clegg launched our proposed Transport Policy today..........though you may have missed it! Having seen the press release I waited to hear if it was covered anywhere..........er, if so, I must have been sleeping! All I have heard has been a short interview with Anita Anand on 5 Live.

This is hugely frustrating, if Cameron sneezes it is news. If Brown frowns, it is news. If Clegg shows leadership and a commitment to policies that will improve the lives of our fellow citizens - er......zilch. No wonder the electorate are disaffected. What I despair of in particular is the role of the BBC - the service we pay for - the alleged "public service broadcaster". If anyone has a responsibility to promote democracy it is surely they? I fear that the media in general and the BBC in particular, are fast contributing to the undermining of meaningful democracy. If the electorate are not informed about what the real choices are, where the real differences lie, no wonder the constant mantra is "you're all the same".


John said...


There's only one way to make the BBC sit up and listen and do their duty - either ensure there's an Ali Campbell based in Cowley Street or march on the BBC ourselves.

I don't know whether or not we're being screwed by the media or we allow ourselves to be so.

The problem might not be so much that as the actual RULES the BBC has to have to engage on political issues.

Alasdair W said...

Remember Ming Campbell, the Media obviously didn't have much to report on so decided he was too old and that the whole party wanted him out. But I don't think it was the party it was just the media, looking for someone to bully. It was unfair. (although I of course wasn't a member or a libdem blogger at the time, so I wouldn't know as much as you).
Of course we are going to complain about getting attention over things like that and not this.
But I still believe you have a good point. The fact is in the last general election 22% of voters voted for us, labour themselves were only above 35%. In the local elections we got 25% of the vote. So clearly people are interested in us, so surely the media should be reporting on us as that's what people want. Of course on top there is we only have 10% of seats limiting our effectiveness in Parliament.
However people want a different approach, the tories certainly don't have it. We propose radical exciting change and it's not getting to people. And I think they'd like it if they got to hear it.
The great things about blogs though is being a new kind of media.
Also the key to campaigning and getting our message across is of course membership. Media and money are just beneath that.