Monday, June 09, 2008

Sensible Shoes - my secret vice

Given that I don't have to go into work tomorrow (tho having to make a torturous journey from Bury St Edmunds to York tomorrow evening)...I am uncharacteristically not worrying about what time I will surface tomorrow morning!

So, on the advice of one of my Tory boys I am reviewing my posts and adding "labels".....and came across this post, started in April. Well, started is perhaps slightly egging the pudding. All I had was a title. Can I remember what my point

Given the date, it probably had something to do with my purchase of some "sensible" canvassing shoes. Being "vertically challenged" I tend to rely on heels to bring me up to my full height. But, it has to be said, I have tried canvassing and leafleting in me heels and it is a sorry sight. So, I was delighted to find some luverly flatties, perfectly designed for canvassing. It reminded me of a feminist theatre group I used to do some work with years ago called "Sensible Shoes", a company that is sadly no more.

Does height matter? As liberals, clearly not. But, I am reminded of the time when as Branch Secretary of my union I went to a school to support some of our members in a dispute. The meeting went well. But, at the end, the woman who had invited me was brutally honest. "When you walked in" she said "my heart sunk when I saw the size of you!".....but, she had been (thankfully) impressed, when she saw me in action.... sat down I can be amazingly formidable!!!


Ally said...

Awesome design!! I like to wear high heel shoes for a fabulous look.

Arwen said...

I have recently discovered the joy of pointy-toed shoes ... something ever so Cuella de Ville about them and they don't have to have very high heels!

Lucy said...

Very classy looking shoes